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Llanbedrog Information

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Llanbedrog Information - Beaches

Llanbedrog - has three beaches

Llanbedrog Beach offers a mile long stretch of sand and is one of the calmest beaches in Wales, sheltered by the huge headland of Mynydd Tir-y-Cwmwd.

This pet-friendly beach (previously owned by Lenard (Lens) Jones and his family - who sold it at auction in 2006 for approx £170k - purchased NT. In "Lens's" day parking was free or a nominal amount, boat launcing was allowed, indeed Lens could be seen launching and recovering boats with his tractor and ferrying children up and down the beach (pre - health and safety days, when people were allowed to have fun!). The beach huts although rough and ready were as cheap as chips - it was the end of an era when this treasure was sold.

Leave only footprints
There is a dog fouling bin at the entrance to the National Trust Car Park, rubbish bins by the village green opposite the church. If they are FULL please take your rubbish home with you to retain the loveliness of our beach - THANK YOU.

However is now owned and operated by the National Trust, who have spruced things up a bit. There are the same parking facilities above the beach - Car park - £4.00 all day - sometime peopled (previously manned!) between 11.00am and 4.00pm, there is also a pay and display machine (scan your membership card in the machine as the cat park gets a £1 everytime your card is scanned!) so don't forget your card for free parking or join the National Trust at the gate.

There is Plas Bach owned by Plas Glyn y Weddw opposite the NT car park entrance that sells drinks, ice-cream, snacks, beach "stuff" and arts and crafts. There is also a Cafe at the Oriel Plas Glyn y Wedww - where they serve breakfast, and tea/coffee and home made cakes, lunch and snacks etc.

At the bottom of the hill is Y Gali / The Galley - Llanbedrog Beach Bar - Y Gali a licenced beach bar (aka Aqua). PLEASE DON'T DRIVE DOWN THE HILL AS THERE ARE DOUBLE YELLOW LINES DOWN THERE AND YOU WILL BE CLAMPED FOR EMERGENCY ACCESS REASONS - PARK IN THE NATIONAL TRUST CAR PARK. This was built many years ago (see pictures below), when the owners decided to retire the new owners to take it one were Stan & Valerie Struthers who took it over (they also ran Rock House B&B & a newsagent/grocer). Once they wanted to retire they sold the business Y Gali / The Galley - to John & Beryl Heywood who ran it with their family Sarah and Alistair until John wanted to retire. So he sold Y Gali / The Galley to Keith MacMaster in Dec 2016. Although the postal address remains the same Y Gali - it was re-branded Aqua Beach Bar.Restaurant and was run by Peter Appleton and Pennie MacMaster from 25-Mar-17 to 31-Aug-19. But the "stress of running a seasonal business" reluctantly made Keith MacMaster lease the premises for 4 years from 1st Mar 2020 to 28-Feb-2024 - the new "owners" John and Juliette Palmer have a wealth of experience in the hospitality business and hope to be able to change the beach bar back into a simple beach bar with quality food and drinks - re-opening 20-Mar2020. John and Juliette are also the owners of "The Abersoch Spirit Company" - which is launching Abersoch Gin in May 2021. Enjoy the views from Llanbedrog Beach Bar, they are to die for nothing nicer than a beer and honest simple well cooked food overlooking the beach and the sea. See pictures below.

Llanbedrog Beach Road   Llanbedrog Beach Boathouse   
The road down to Traeth Llanbedrog Beach pre beach bar - Y Galli / The Galley being built years ago

Siop Plas Glyn y Weddw      Aqua beach

Plas Bach part of Plas Glyn y Weddw - ice-creams and more - Y Galli/The Galley (aka Aqua Beach Bar.Restaurant)

There are currently public toilets half way down the beach road on the right (formerly the stables for the horse drawn trams between Pwllheli and Llanbedrog).

Dog Friendly

Llanbedrog Beach

A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper, dog foul bin at the entrance of the NT car park. Free pooper bags and rubbish bags are available from the National Trust Cabin. Please take your rubbish home or dispose of it at the bins opposite the church by the village green,
please do not leave by the dog foul bins or by Llanbedrog Beach Bar.

Llanbedrog Beach    Llanbedrog Bed - Beach Huts 1950's

Left designed by Kaitlyn Harper-Smith (Ysgol Llanbedrog) - Right designed by children in Meithrin Llanbedrog


Car Park etc call this number (all year) – 01758 740561 – Llanbedrog Beach - email: Lily Usher is Welcome Manager (Joan Smith retired on 02-Apr-19)

You can rent Beach huts that are owned by the National Trust by the season only see rates below:
Web: For all your FAQ's on the Beach huts click here - Facebook Page
2021 - National Trust beach huts - to make an application to rent a beach hut - check out the link above FAQ's, links to downloading a form etc... You can also contact their lettings consultant, Sioned Evans on +44 (0) 1690 713328 or by email:
Available between: 15 May 10 September for the 2021 season - All booked for 2021 Season

70 - TRADITIONAL BEACH HUT RATES  No. 1 – 70 - (Size approx: 7' x 5')
Seasonal Rate
All booked for 2021
£400.00 inc VAT


Membership No – 0844 800 1895

2020 - National Trust beach huts - enquiries E-mail:
The National Trust - will niot be placing the small huts on the beach this year due to COVID lockdown.

2019 - National Trust beach huts - enquiries E-mail:
The National Trust - will be placing up to 60 small huts on the beach this Easter. However, the huts will not be available for any new bookings as they currently have 110 on the waiting list and will be giving priority to those who were allocated a hut last year followed by those who were on the overflow list for last year. Everyone concerned have all been informed of the process for applying for this year. NT have contacted everyone who has made enquiries so they are all aware of the situation. The beach hut bookings will be processed through NT Finance Department. Any emails that come through to Joan will be directed on to the correct offices.

2018 - National Trust beach huts:
It is with deep regret that in view of storm Emma in Feb 2018 - which not only exposed debris which has now been cleaned up, but also taking away a lot of the sand on the beach. Resulting in not having a SAFE BASE to position the beach huts on the beach, so they will stay in the car park and not be in use this year (this will also limit car parking in the car park as well). A decision will be made in 2019 as to the future of the beach huts.
However, we are all grateful for the efforts made by the National Trust and volunteers that have helped to clean up the beach, this dedication would probably not have happened if the beach had been bought by a private individual. Come down and enjoy all our dog friendly beaches Llanbedrog or Carreg-y-Defaid (Llanbedrog) or Quarry Beach / South Llanbedrog Beach / Castellmarch Beach/ The Warren Beach.

Llanbedrog Beach Huts 2018 rates - see below - NO BEACH HUTS see comment above:
Available between: Saturday March 31st to Sunday September 23rd
Low Season: Saturday March 31st to Friday June 29th
High Season: Saturday June 30th to Sunday September 23rd

Weekly bookings run from Saturday 11.00am – Friday 4.00pm, which are also the collection times for keys from the kiosk and the car park manning hours.

70 - TRADITIONAL BEACH HUT RATES  No. 1 35 and 58 92 - (Size approx: 7' x 5')
Seasonal Rate
All booked for 2019
£380.00 inc VAT
Weekly Rate (Saturday to Friday)
low season
£  60.00 inc VAT
high season
£  90.00 inc VAT
Daily Rates
low season
£  20.00 inc VAT
high season
£  25.00 inc VAT
22 - DELUXE BEACH HUT RATES No. 36 57 - (Size approx: 8' x 5' hut + 3.5' x 8' balcony!) + 10 in 2018
Seasonal Rate
All booked for 2019
£490.00 inc VAT
Weekly Rate (Saturday to Friday)
low season - N/A in 2018
£  90.00 inc VAT
high season - N/A in 2018
£130.00 inc VAT
Daily Rates
low season - N/A in 2018
£  30.00 inc VAT
high season - N/A in 2018
£  45.00 inc VAT


There have always been beach huts on this beach starting with tents and now 92 brightly painted wooden ones, see pictures below:

Llanbedrog Beach - with Tents   Llanbedrog Bed - Beach Huts 1950's

Llanbedrog Beach Huts      Llanbedrog Beach Boathouse
Beach huts 2012 (middle ones are the deluxe ones!)

Llanbedrog Beach

Llanbedrog Beach Huts   Llanbedrog Beach Boathouse   Llanbedrog Beach Boathouse
Thanks to Mandy Lowe (Angorfa) for the use for the above three brilliant pictures.
Taken from Llanbedrog Headland April 2012

Foxhole - Llanbedrog Beach
Our thanks to Alison Tomlinson for allowing us to use the above photo of the Foxhole

Llanbedrog Beach Huts      The Galley being built

Our thanks to Kevin Fenton-Herring of the Boathouse for allowing us to use the above two photos
of the beach huts and the Boathouse with the Plas from his web site
both here and on our Llanbedrog sticker.

Dog Friendly

Carreg-y-Defaid (Llanbedrog) - translates to Sheepstone - pronounced "caer-eg e davide" 1 mile east of Llanbedrog on the Pwllheli road - where the mussel beds are exposed when the tide is right out. A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper.

Carreg-y-Defaid was the site of the local gallows and people would come from far and wide to see the hangings in the 17 century - 2 sisters where hanged for witchcraft - fortunately hangings no long occur!

Carreg-y-Defaid Beach
Tide out

Garreg y Defaid high water
Tide in

Carreg-y-Defaid Coastal Path     Carreg-y-Defaid Coastal Path

New Coastal Path at Carreg-y-Defaid

Harbwch Castellmarch translates to Harbour Castle March - pronounced "Harbor Cas-tec-kma" (original name meaning Harbour Castle March - March ab Meirchion (a sea trader who rumour has it had donkey ears!).
Also known as Warren Beach / Quarry Beach / South Llanbedrog Beach (1 mile west Llanbedrog) - Glanymor Ty'n Towyn (reached along Quarry Road from Llanbedrog)- free car park on west side of Llanbedrog headland - lovely sandy popular beach. You can still see some of the old quarry buildings on the headland and the remains of a jetty which was used to ship the stone from the quarry. A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper. The Quarry end of the beach is not private but the part in front of the Warren is a private beach associated with the exclusive Warren (Haulfryn Group) chalet park. Access is also available from the Warren car park, an entrance opposite the Fach Farm chalet park or from the Harbour Beach at low tide.

Dog Friendly

Harbwch Castellmarch / Warren Beach / Quarry Beach / South Llanbedrog Beach
A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper.


Castellmarch Beach

Harbwch Castellmarch / Warren Beach / Quarry Beach / South Llanbedrog Beach - Pre Warren!

Quarry Beach      Quarry Beach
Harbwch Castellmarch / Warren Beach / Quarry Beach / South Llanbedrog Beach

Other beaches nearby:

In Pwllheli (4 miles east) - West End and Glandon Beaches, along the old promenade. You can walk to Pwllheli along the beach and coastal paths from Llanbedrog.

In Abersoch:

Abersoch Beach Huts
Abersoch beach huts most private some are available to rent see below

Borth Fawr translates to large access point - pronounced "Borth - Vawer" also known as Abersoch Main Beach (2 ½ miles west) - is probably the most popular beach in the area. Its sheltered position makes it ideal for bathers and watersports lovers alike. Its easterly aspect means it faces the mountains of west Wales and St Tudwal's Islands giving spectacular views. The beach is considered to be "safe" with no severe currents or rips in normal conditions. A motor boat exclusion zone provides a secure area for bathers. Speed restrictions are enforced near to the beach marked by a series of yellow buoys. There’s a shop and cafe at the top of the beach. There’s a car park nearby with good access but you will have to pay during the main holiday periods.

Borth Fawr / Abersoch Beach Hut Hire:
Lavina on 01758-712356 / 712353 or 01492-640440 or
W&G Williams Garage Abersoch – 01758-712410 (Guy John Bennar Williams)

Haulfryn House Beach Huts - 4 huts are available for rent (2.5m x 1.8m) £125 per week (plus £40 key deposit).
Telephone: 01625 262571

Marchroes end of Abersoch beach Helen Griffiths has a beach hut that she rents out see or contact her by Email:


Dog Friendly

Borth Fawr / Abersoch Main Beach - There is a specific section for dogs at certain times of the year, south of the slipway but please remember your pooper scooper.


Abersoch Harbour Beach (2 ½ miles west) - is a small area of sand straddling the River Soch - between the outer harbour and the Warren beach. It is often quiet in terms of numbers of people though it is a throughfare for tractors and so can be quite noisy! A large area of sand is exposed at low tide.

Dog Friendly

Check Dog friendly beaches from Gwynedd Council - Dog exclusion zones


Porth Ceiriad, Cilan (3 ½ miles west) - Beautiful beach and often quiet - though becoming busier during the school holidays. Popular with surfers when there are waves. Access through Nant y Big farm - where there is a car park. Steep flight of steps cut into the cliffside provides access to the beach. Potentially dangerous rip tides can occur on this beach.

Dog Friendly

Porth Ceiriad - A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper, dogs are allowed all year round.


Abersoch Beach Lifeboat
Abersoch Main Beach
Abersoch Main Beach

Porth Neigwl translates to Neigwl door - Neigwl is thought to be an ancient name for the Llŷn - pronounced "Porrth - Neigh-gal" (4 miles west) or Hell's Mouth as it is also known, is a 4 mile long stretch of sand and stones, exposed to the full force of the Atlantic. It is extremely popular with surfers and seldom gets busy on the beach itself. Its often a good spot to get away from the busier beaches of Abersoch. There is a small parking area a half mile or so from the village of Llanengan - though this gets congested in the summer, especially when there is surf. There are no facilities, though a mobile snack bar is often in the car park in the summer. Bathing is dangerous here, as on any beach that gets surf, with strong undertows and cross currents. The cliffs are also highly unstable and should be avoided. Visitors to the beach usually make sculptures out of the debris washed up onto the beach!

Dog Friendly

Porth Neigwl or Hell's Mouth - A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper, dogs are allowed all year round.

Hells Mouth
Hells Mouth - Sculptures
Hells Mouth - Scultures





Aberdaron Beach - with its fine black sand and views over Bardsey and Sea Gull islands, very picturesque. This beach is popular with families and access is easy. There are plenty of facilities close at hand in the village. The beach is south facing, so can also be a good spot for surfers. The water quality here is excellent. Why not try the hostelries and visit the church.

Dog Friendly

Aberdaron Beach - A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper. Dogs are allowed on the part of the beach to the left of the slipway.


Aberdaron Church
Aberdaron Village and Beach

Aberdaron Church and Beach

Traeth Porthdinllaen Beach - Morfa Nefyn - another National Trust owned beach with car park. A lovely beach where you can walk to the pub at the end of the beach the Ty Coch (voted the 3rd best beach bar in thw world in 2013!). Also next to the golf course. At the car car park end of the beach is The Cliffs excellent for food and drinks.

Dog Friendly

Traeth Porthdinllaen Beach - Morfa Nefyn - There is a specific section for dogs at certain times of the year, south of the slipway but please remember your pooper scooper.


Porth Dinllaen

Porth Oer (Whistling Sands) - National Trust - no dogs are allowed on it from 1st May - 30th September. National Trust car park. A small sandy beach which whispers when you walk through it.  Café on beach with BBQ in summer.

There are also many other interesting beaches and coves on the northern side of the Peninsula. For example Porth Colmon, Traeth Penllech, Nefyn, Porth Iago and Porth Ysgaden:

Porth Colman beach can be reached from the rocky harbour at Porth Colmon or from a footpath from the car park situated about half way along the beach. Normally very quiet. No facilities.

Traeth Penllech is a long beach on the north side of the peninsula and makes you really feel you are away from it all. This pet-friendly beach has masses of sand at low tide but take care not to be cut off on a high tide. There are some very interesting rock formations and rock pools along the beach to the right as you walk down. Another good beach for surfing when the conditions are right.

Dog Friendly

Traeth Penllech - A dog friendly beach but please remember your pooper scooper, dogs are allowed all year round.


Porth Towyn Beach lies on the Aberdaron - Nefyn road, near Tudweiliog. The sand on this beach also "squeaks" when you tread on it, like its more famous neighbour, Whistling Sands. No dogs are allowed on it from 1st May - 30th September. This beach can also accommodate surfers when the conditions are right. As you’re walking from the car park in a nearby field, you will pass many small coves to the right, accessed down the steep grassy slopes from the coastal path.

Dog Friendly

Porth Towyn Beach - No dogs are allowed on it from 1st May - 30th September


Porth Nefyn Beach has plenty of sand, a shop, small car park. No dogs are allowed but care there is a specific section for dogs at certain times of the year There is a specific section for dogs at certain times of the year - 1st May - 30th September. Please remember your pooper scooper.

See Top 10 beaches on the Llyn Peninsula



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